I blog my goals to add some perceived public accountability. Like I might try harder to avoid the embarrassment of having to post all the fails at the end of the year. I broke my 2013 goals down into two parts last year, and I thought I’d go through them and review where I stood. So up first the personal goals:

  • 11/12/13 Plan (Top Secret) - Perhaps the worst kept secret, but I was able to marry the love of my life, Denise, on this day. There are so many reason why it took so long, but I couldn’t be happier.
  • Get down to >17% Body Fat - So this didn’t happen, while I did keep over 100 pounds of weight off, my disciple faultered after my Mother passed away; however, I am back on losing track again.
  • Save 10% of my income - Nope got married
  • Spend less time driving - This didn’t change, and I’m beyond sad about it. A confluence of factors prevented it from happening this year, but it’s gonna happen soon.
  • Buy only one computer - I will end this year without even owning a nonwork computer, also very sad about that.
  • Buy no other technology - I got a phone :(

Only one a couple of successes, but I’m pleased with the outcomes. The 11/12/13 was the most imporant out of the batch and I accomplished it. And for me ending the year and only having bought a phone is a huge feat, but still broke the goal :(

Okay, On to the professional side:

  • Develop GluTrends into a fully functional product - Renamed it to Sucratrend, and while it’s not getting the traction I had hoped, it’s a great tool.
  • Become more proficient with Python - I think this is progressing, and will always be an ongoing goal. I believe my code is better tested, more idiomatic, and less buggy than one year ago. So I’m gonna say I passed this one.
  • Contribute to one open source Python library - I made contributions to Django and ResWeb and py-setproctitle. It no where near what I had hoped, but it’s a start.
  • Speak at a Python conference - I was able via a ton of luck to be able to speak at PyOhio
  • Blog regularly and have something to say - FAILED

So on a professional front I think I did quite well. A ton of guidance and encouragement from my coworkers and the rest of the python and nashville development communities made this part seem to fly by.

Okay so on to 2014 Goals:


  • Move Closer to Work
  • Save 10% of my income
  • Buy only one computer and tablet, no other technology


  • Make PyTN the best conference it can be
  • Become better at testing
  • Become better at doing things the Django way when in Django
  • Contribute more to Django and OpenStack
  • Blog More
  • Speak at two python conferences