The Importance of Early (Organizers)

One of the most important time periods for a conference is the early bird periods. So you know you want to have an event, and the CFP is taking off. But, how on earth do you make it reality. This is where early birds and launch sponsors are a HUGE help. One of the most expensive parts of a conference is that up front section where you are need to secure vendors and make deposits. You’re not sure how big of a success your conference is going to be and you’re nervous about being on the hook for all these expenses.

Reaching out and engaging your potential attendees early is critical. It builds excitement for the event not on in them, but also in you. It’s this early excitement that you need to secure the initial funds required for a great event. In the early bird periods, you’d like to get roughly 40% of your tickets sold. The fervor will increase as the event gets closer, but deposits are a very, very real thing that is due up front. Consider offering hugely discounted tickets or other perks such as unique swag or recognition for your early bird and launch sponsors.

Don’t get discouraged, it’s a war and it will take time. You won’t sell out of tickets before the scheduled is even announced. So don’t fret it if you make your deposits, but don’t see every ticket. Keep contacting and reaching out to people.

The Importance of Early (Attendees)

If you are interested in an event, not only can being an early bird often save you money, but it ensures the viability of the event. It also keeps the organizers from going insane. It’s a HUGE undertaking to run an event, and the high they get with each ticket sale will propel the organizers to do even more than they often envisioned. Plus in community conferences, it’s people who have a shared interested in the same thing you do, and want to make a better community. This is a super simple way to push that forward.

The Importance of Early (Sponsors)

Being an early sponsor is great for your company. It makes sure you are the first name people see when they hit the website, and often those websites are hit most during the call for proposals, ticket sales launch, and the month leading up to the event. If you get in early, you’ll be there for all three of those time periods. Often times you can negotiate reduced rates or additional perks like special shout outs and mentions above your sponsored level. You also demonstrate to everyone visiting that page, that you care about the community in which they work. They will remember that the next time they need a service or are looking for a new job. Community focused customers and employees will push you to new heights. Also, many times you are a member of that same community and will want your own employees to attend. Your early sponsorship helps ensure the success of the conference.